Fashion Gallery No. 1


“Fashion Gallery No.1” was the first independent exhibition space created by Archivo Moda Mexicana (Mexican Fashion Archive), which linked fashion and art, giving rise to a format of appreciation and proximity of garments other than a bazaar or a fashion parade.

In alliance with the Viur application, it had augmented reality technology, thus betting on the appreciation and proximity to the garments, as well as the creation process of the twelve collaborating designers.

The exhibition was developed around the question: What will be left of you? A reflection that invites us to explore the personal stories of designers regarding the fashion system in Mexico and its interconnection with the local consumer culture.

Photography: Coolhunter Mx

Exhibition Venue: Arróniz Contemporary Art Gallery, Mexico City,
29 August 2019 – 1 September 2019
Role: Exhibition Assistant. 
Creative Direction: Archivo Moda Mexicana.

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